Who is Realwave

The founders of Realwave have operated in the surveillance space since the early 1990’s, launching and growing several of today’s leading surveillance firms. Troubled with the lack of innovation in the space, the founders have joined forces to recreate the video surveillance experience.

Video Surveillance, for most, is of marginal value because of the tremendous amount of manual effort required. Even with the many low cost options in today’s market, customers have a hard time extracting value from their video investments due to the low ceiling of benefits that come from recording and reviewing video.

Its time for a new wave of innovation in surveillance technology given the trends in automation and the contextual value video provides in situational awareness. Managers now, more then ever, are spread thin, needing to be virtually everywhere at once. With the growing array of connected sensors, operators require an innovative strategy to efficiently process surveillance video and associated real-time data, enabling enhanced insight and decision-making.

Fueled with the idea that video surveillance should be as seamless, searchable and as proactive as today’s top consumer platforms, Realwave is focused on transforming the video surveillance experience, with systems designed to work in the background and the foreground, becoming a inseparable part of our users daily lives.

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