Realwave’s Intelligent Video Surveillance Cloud is powered by its autonomous monitoring engine, DIVE.  Realwave’s cloud-native design offers the user an intuitive platform to stream, search, and share video in realtime, while DIVE works autonomously in the background. DIVE is a proprietary system framework that applies deep learning with both integrated device data and image processing to monitor continuously for realtime exceptions…

The underlying architecture of DIVE is specifically designed to be fast, robust, and scalable.  Using an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, DIVE is lightweight and efficient, easily handling data-intensive real-time processes across distributed devices. The DIVE foundational core includes:

Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning models are embedded in local Realwave hardware (e.g. Realwave Edge Exchange-REX) and within the Realwave Cloud.  This combination provides efficient processing at the edge and additional analysis in the cloud.  Learning and monitoring of traditional operational data paired with video data produces actionable critical business events.

Deep Learning is built on distributed architecture bringing together resources and components throughout the enterprise.  By analyzing data at the core and providing decisioning information to your dashboard you are able to respond quickly and efficiently to events.

Integrated Devices

DIVE is designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) with a RESTful API and an extensive library of native device integrations and data parsers.

  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Access Control
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Real-time Location Services (RTLS)
  • Safes
  • Temp Sensor

Video Analytics

DIVE’s object classification, identification, and recognition services leverage Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) or Deep Neural Networks (DNN) for solving advanced application problems. Sample problems include Shopper Demographics, Queue Management, Audience Sentiment, Elevated Temperature Detection, Access Control, Occupancy Counts, Time-to-Service Tracking, etc.

  • Heat Map
  • Human Recognition
  • Curbside Detection/Loitering
  • Advanced License Plate Recognition
  • Directional Motion (wrong-way)

Exception Monitoring

DIVE’s Exception Monitoring analyzes all video and operational data inputs as well as user behavior to continuously improve prediction accuracy.  Exceptions trigger workflow outputs based on priority for searchable log events, messaging, reporting and long-term cloud archiving.

You determine what events are important and allow Realwave to quickly provide video review for actions as needed.

The DIVE monitoring engine also powers the Realwave’s client dashboard, known as the “DIVE Decision Board”. DIVE Decision Board is a dynamic and realtime video business intelligence tool that can be richly defined and tailored from a C-level Executive to a floor manager’s view.  Bottom-line, the DIVE monitoring engine uniquely acts as a virtual surveillance agent, empowering the user to act and make decisions based on 24/7 situational intelligence.