The Realwave application provides Anywhere, Anytime, Any device access to your operations with the following key functions:

Customer Tracking

Realwave uses a combination of video analytics and WiFi listening to track customers.  Realwave generates unique visitors, repeat customers, dwell time, approximate customer age and gender metadata.

Remote Auditing

Realwave provides a convenient platform for simple or complex auditing of security events, point-of-sale transactions, smart safe drops or any other integrated data stream with video.

Event Monitoring

Realwave monitors all configured events in Realtime. When events happen, a thumbnail as well as a 30 second video clip (including15sec pre/post) is created. Events can be Security alarms, rules-based POS exceptions such as voids or no sales as well as many other KPI triggers.

Real-time KPI Dashboard

Realwave provides realtime dashboard views of your key performance indicators. Total daily sales with comparison views, top selling item, top performing associate, average ticket, suspicious transactions, you name the KPI and Realwave will report it.

On-the-Go Alerts

Realwave distributes SMS (text messages) alerts in real-time to all responsible parties with a thumbnail and a description of the alert along with a link to view the associated video.

Quick Video Review

Realwave is built for operators on the move who need quick access to all of their locations. Video streams quickly, on any platform without plug-ins and are organized they way the operator sees their business.

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