PRESS RELEASE: Realwave Announces Seed Round Funding

Software Startup Focused On Intelligent Video Surveillance Cloud Platform Announces Seed Round Funding

Carlsbad, CA – April 8th, 2021 — Realwave Inc, a software company offering cloud-based enterprise-class applications for retail, transportation, healthcare, financial and campus environments, announced it has raised seed round funding totaling $2,100,000 from private investors.

The company was founded in 2016 by John Sullivan after serving years providing integrated video solutions to retail. John has been a founder in several video software solutions for retail, financial and transportation verticals. Later John was joined by Jimmy Hinshaw & Manish Sethi and incorporated Realwave Inc. in December 2019. Jimmy has decades of experience providing integrated video solutions to retail and campus environments. Manish Sethi ran his previous company for more than a decade that specialized in creating enterprise software solutions focused on compliance, scalability and cloud for healthcare and education verticals.

Realwave has created the industry’s first cloud based intelligent video surveillance platform. Influenced by today’s top consumer platforms, Realwave is leading the third wave of digital video surveillance offering an intuitive platform to stream, search and share video in real time, while in the background, analyzing every video and related operational data stream to ensure that interesting events are not missed. The platform provides end users the ability to increase safety, automate workflow, reduce shrink and drive revenue. Today many users have video surveillance systems in place yet 99% of that video is never viewed. Realwave mines this “dark data” to extract critical events. The platform integrates with IoT & data devices (like Point Of Sale, Access Control, Alarm systems) to create video “clips” of these important events to automate response & reconciliation tasks. Realwave further mines the “dark data” with advanced Artificial Intelligence to recognize safety threats, out of stock items, improve customer experience and reveal specific items of interest. “We start with a Cloud-Native platform that analyzes almost any legacy and new camera feed to automatically find and tag interesting events using our algorithms. Realwave is the first firm to provide a solution for Dark Data by embedding Deep Learning at the Edge to analyze surveillance video and related operational data to learn, tag, and alert on operational exceptions” said John. “Today users have an increasing number of screens they have to maintain to solve for business problems. We combine their data and video to provide enterprise reporting and automate workflows”. 

Prior to Realwave John was a founder at Agilence & 360iQ. Manish was President & CTO of Universal Integration Solutions. Jimmy was the Vice President & General Manager of Image Vault, LLC a division of FireKing Security Group.

About Realwave Inc:

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Realwave provides an intelligent video surveillance cloud platform accessible from anywhere on any connected device The company is privately funded and maintains a web presence at

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